Service Plans - Maintenance plans



The Preventive Maintenance Plan holds several benefits from the moment you sign up. You get access to an easy ordering process, our emergency call out system with priority support, and all resources are booked well in advance, letting you focus on your core business. 



Service Plan customers benefit from advanced planning and scheduling, meaning works are planned well in advance meaning no production downtime. All parts required for preventative maintenance works are held in stock well in advance avoiding any delay. 

Tailored Solution


Solution implementation is customised to a customers specific needs and services, but a few basic steps are consistent. We will always deliver a solution that delivers the best reliability to you. 



Small enough to care, big enough to meet your needs.

CPS is made up of highly motivated people who are not only getting their day-to-day responsibilities handled in a high quality fashion but are always looking for ways to improve on process and procedures and to bring better ideas and ways to do things to the table.



All our Service Plan customers have the option of a Smartlink system being installed. Smartlink is a remote monitoring system that allows real time information on service and any potential issues.

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Every Service Plan customer receives a full and detailed service report detailing any works. Any suggestions, repairs or improvements will be highlighted and brought to your attending. Again this adds to the system reliability, reducing downtime and ensures the most efficient air compressors as possible. 

CPS Service / Maintenance Plans for Atlas Copco Air Compressors