High pressure compressed air for pet



CPS only use Air Compressors manufactured to be reliable and trouble-free piston compressors with highest performance for PET Blowing industries. PET PLUS series are used to increase standard working air (7-12 bar) to higher pressures (35-40 bar). Our PET Series are ideal for PET Bottle production, control air requirements seal testing in pneumatic and hydraulic devices, certain actuating cylinders, presses and clamping fixtures. Regulating the pressure of a high pressure network to reduce for low-pressure applications is simply a waste of money.

PET bottle blowing generally requires compressed air at pressures ranging from 30 to 40 Bar.

CPS designs and installs a wide range of medium pressure air compressor and booster packages designed specifically for these PET blow molding applications.

Our compressor packages are in compliance with local Australian code requirements 

When standard plant air pressures of 7-10 Bar are available, a booster compressor is often the most cost-effective solutions. It is also a good idea to install low pressure systems to increase efficiency and availability of HP air. 

These boosters simply connect into your existing air distribution piping and increase pressure to the required higher level.  Pressures of 40 Bar are attainable.  Because these booster compressors start with an already elevated pressure they require less energy to achieve the higher pressure.

These boosters can be supplied with high-efficiency filtration systems and are ideal for PET bottle blowing applications in which a lubricated compressor with filtration can be used.

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