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Complete Pneumatic Solutions has sales and service options Australia wide enabling us to deliver the right Rotair air compressor to your location. Talk with our experienced compressor team for the right advice to meet your requirements.

VRK and MDVN range of portable air compressors are super silent, powerful, compact and comply with environmental standards. Designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of professionals in the field and supported throughout Australia. Need more info or have any queries just let us know: Contact us

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Rotair Diesel Air Compressors further information

  • Reliable- Build tough and reliable for the demanding Australian conditions. 50c ambient for extreme operating conditions
  • Made in Europe- Engineered and manufactured in Europe using top quality materials. Direct coupled, no gearbox.
  • 5 Year Warranty- 5 Year unlimited Hour Air-End/Drive Coupling Warranty. Diesel Engine 2 years-1000hrs
  • “Intelligent System”- enables a pre-heating of the engine without overloading it, the air end will start working only when the perfect conditions are reached.
  • Fuel Saving System- when the compressed air is not required, the system allows to compress air at a much lower thus saving fuel consumption significantly. Up to 20% in fuel saving!
  • Easy Maintenance- Clean and easy layout for quick and efficient maintenance and control


                    Supplying Rotair Australia wide.



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