membrane or psa?


Technology explained: On-Site Nitrogen generation

 We will look how an on-site nitrogen generator works. 

Nitrogen is all around us, the atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, therefore finding a way to generate nitrogen on-site would make perfect sense; as we adsorb oxygen and release back into environment. 

So why would you purchase bottled nitrogen when it is all around us?

In an oversimplified way of explaining how an on-site nitrogen generator works is to say that compressed air is passed through the generator. In the processes oxygen and other particles are removed from the compressed air and what is left is nitrogen. 

With an air compressor and a nitrogen generator there is an abundant supply of never-ending reliable nitrogen source which can be termed as a utility available continuously on-site to the door step What technologies can be used to generate nitrogen? 

What equipment do you need?

 Well that depends on the application and the purity you need. The bulk companies will always tell you you need very high purity, mainly because that is all they deliver.

CPS using Atlas Copco generators, uses two different types of technologies for separating the nitrogen. 

First technology is called Membrane Technology, where the compressed air passes through a membrane fibres wall. As Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen they can escape the membrane filter passing only the nitrogen.  Membrane is used for purity levels 95% to 99%.

The second type of technology use to create nitrogen is Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA), in this technology the compressed air (oxygen enriched) is passed through a vessel with a product called carbon molecular sieve (CMS); which adsorbed oxygen molecules and water content and allow nitrogen molecules pass through. Oxygen and water contents are released back to atmosphere.  PSA is used for purity levels 99% to 99.9999%.

CPS offer both Membrane and Pressure Swing Absorption technology based nitrogen generators. Contact us to learn more.


N2 Purity of 95% to 99% - membrane ngm

Atlas Cocpo NGM & NGP Gas Generators Brochure pdf

95% to 99% Purity

The NGM or Nitrogen Generator - MEMBRANE

The NGM and NGM+ generators offer 95% to 99% nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements.

Above 99% the membrane technology is not recommended as it becomes inefficient and you should look at PSA.

Reduce Cost: Atlas Copco’s NGM and NGM+ nitrogen generators come with minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Generating your own nitrogen means no more processing, refills and delivery costs

 Nitrogen Always Available: NGM and NGM+ systems are continuously available. Eliminate the risk of a production breakdown due to running out of gas

Optimal Control:  The NGM and NGM+’s electronic monitoring panels decrease downtime, save energy, reduce maintenance requirements and increase production.

N2 purity above 99%

99% - 99.9999%

For High Purity N2 on Site generation above 99% PSA technology is recommended to ensure a stable, reliable & efficient N2 supply. 

The NGP+ nitrogen generator reduces up to 50% of the running costs compared to other nitrogen generators. Air factors of 1.8 (at 95%) up to 5.5 (at 99.999%) generate premium N2 

Feed air conditions are continuously monitored. When not matching the generator requirements, the feed air gets blown off before entering the machine, making sure your investment lasts a very long time. 

The NGP+ offers from 95 to 99.999% percent nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements 

Atlas Cocpo NGM & NGP Gas Generators Brochure pdf

Atlas Cocpo NGM & NGP Gas Generators Brochure pdf