Atlas Copco ROTARY vane industrial vacuum pumps

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 Benefits you can count on

The new GVS A series is easy to install due to compact, space-saving design.
It ensures high reliability through a rugged design and optimal oil retention at all operating pressures maintaining low noise and vibration levels. With our coolest pump temperatures on the market we allow a longer oil lifetime.

 Clean and efficient

The oil separation circuit of the GVS 16-630 A has been optimized to minimize oil vapors in the exhaust gas. The inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter rotation in the event of stopping without venting. This device also protects the point of use against back sucking of oil.

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Ready to use  - GV Rotary Vane information Brochure

GVS 16-630 A rotary vane vacuum pumps come complete with all the options and accessories you are likely to need for general rough vacuum applications. In case you have a unique vacuum need, please ask the Atlas Copco representative to help you select the best solution.

See our Store for the GVS100 compatable with the BUSCH VACUUM PUMP R5 RA0100F


Busch Instruction Manual R 5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps RA 0063 F, RA 0100 F 

Busch_Instruction_Manual_RA_0063-0100_F_en_0870155464_A0002 (pdf)


GVS 16 - 300 By CPS - Atlas Copco Vacuum Brochure (pdf)


Ideal for all your vacuum needs

Providing highly efficient vacuum pumping performance, the GVS 16-630 A series is ideal for critical applications in packaging, woodworking, rubber, plastics, electronics, paper & printing, material handling and other exacting industries. Moreover, with ten models offering pumping speeds of between 16 and 840 m3/h (at 60 Hz), you will definitely find the right model for your specific application.

GVS 16-630 A oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are perfect for a range of demanding applications:

  • Packaging:
    - Food processing: general packaging, cheese processing, vacuum cooling of
    - Meat packing: fresh and cooked meats, poultry, tumbling, filling and sealing.
  • Woodworking:
    - CNC cutting and routing, loading and unloading systems.
  • Rubber and plastics:
    - Thermoforming applications, extruder barrel degassing, mold degassing, material handling.
  • R&D systems:
    - central laboratory vacuum.
  • Electronics:
    - pick and place of components, PCB manufacture, central vacuum systems.
  • Material handling:
    - vacuum lifting, pick and place, bulk material transfer, pneumatic conveying, bottling, canning, vacuum sewage.
  • Paper and printing:
    - presses (sheet fed, offset, etc.), bindery equipment including stitching lines and perfect binding,
    - newspaper production, envelope machines.
  • Medical vacuum
  • Environmental:
    - ground remediation etc.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging with the oxygen variants of the pumps