Dental Air Solutions - Selection to installation


We offer a range of high quality air compressor designed specifically for dental practices. Our dental air solutions are from 1 to multiple chair practices and laboratory settings. The Atlas Copco dental air products are certified Class 0 - 100% oil-free air.

When looking for compressed air for your dental practice it is important that you get the best possible air quality and that your dental compressor provide you with the air you need to operate your practice. As a dentist you focus is on the patient and you just want know that you buy the best solution for your dental business. With Atlas Copco dental air compressors you know you got the best possible compressed air for your practice.

Dental compressor to meet your needs

When developing our air compressors for dental professionals we set out to understand your exact needs. We are confident that our dental air compressors meet the needs for the industry. Our dental compressors are Class 0 certified air quality, 100% oil-free compressed air, they are easy to operate and has a low levels of noise ranging from 53dB(A) to 65dB(A). As a dentist it is important to have a reliable source of dental air at all times, you cannot afford downtime, which is why we have designed our dental air product to have maximum reliability. Our range of dental air compressors include:

Above industry standard dental air

While the industry standard does not yet stipulate Class 0 certified air, all our dental air compressors are 100% oil-free air, that is 100% clean air. With our dental compressors you know that you are more than compliant to the industry standard, more importantly you know that you have the best possible air in your dental clinic. Don’t risk it!

Insist on Class 0 – 100% oil free air for your dental practice.

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We can offer medical and dental air compressors that is industry leading in its air quality. All our dental compressor are certified Class 0 and ensure that you are more than compliant, and Class 0 means Zero risk for your business. Call us on 1800 822 220 or email  to learn more.