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Condensate technology for compressed air treatment

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Because the humidity of the ambient air is contained in the intake air, condensate always accumulates during compressing the compressed air in the compressor. The contamination already contained in the ambient air, such as dust and dirt particles or aerosols, are then located in the condensate in highly concentrated form. Condensate continues to also accumulate again in the additional compressed air treatment (filtration and drying) procedure. The condensate technology enables this polluted and environmentally harmful waste product to be discharged and treated, as it must not be initiated into the sewer system.

Efficient condensate processing ESSENTIAL

Protect the Environment and meet legal requirements

Legislators demand that discharged condensate is processed safely and properly. We support this – with our sustainability policy and an extensive range of condensate processing systems. 

Our oil-water separators are available as system-related in six sizes with or without pre-separation. They combine environmental protection and economic efficiency and enable the environmentally friendly treatment of dispersed condensate directly at the point of origin. That is economical, efficient - and the cost-effective alternative.

Treatment explained



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